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All imported airpistols we have are semiautomatic and multiple shot.177 caliber co2 gas operated. And all Indian air pistols we have are. 22 caliber break barrel single shot and mannual.Indian air pistol are spring operated.Co2 imported air pistol are much better than Indian spring mechanism models in terms of quality,accuracy,velocity design etc.They are also awesome as they are multishot and semiautomatic. Airguns are very harmful and life threatening if missused. So be careful and do not ever aim on any human being or any animal as it is a punishable crime.Always use imported pellets in imported models otherwise they may get spoil.Never keep break barrel gun with loaded spring by doing so it may weaken the spring or decrease the life of the spring.Always lubricate your co2 air pistol O seal where cylinder connects in alternate ratio at the time of changing the cylinder.